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Question Answered: Does Soccer Betting Count Extra Time?

The question of whether extra time is counted in soccer betting sites or not always interests many new betting participants. This determines how they bet and predict the outcome of the match. Please help us answer this question so you can have a clearer view of the rules in soccer betting.

Soccer Betting and Extra Time Calculation

Currently, most bets and odds are calculated only during the two official halves. This means that bets apply to the full 90 minutes and extra time if any.

However, that doesn't mean you can't find extra time bets. Depending on the bet type, the attractiveness of the match, and how the bookmaker constructs the odds, there may be special betting options for extra time.

Specific Cases

Case 1: Soccer Betting Without Extra Time

In this case, the bookmaker only considers bets for the official 90 minutes and overtime if any. If the match goes into extra time, the results and developments during this period do not affect the results of the previous two rounds.

Types of bets commonly applied in this case include:

Odd - even score of the match.

The person who scores the first goal.

"Top scorer" of the match.

Bet on 1st half, 2nd half or full match with odd or even score.

Which team will score first?

Which team has the ability to score the highest points in the series of matches of the round?

Understanding these situations and types of bets helps you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings when participating in soccer betting. Apply this information for a smooth and efficient betting experience.

Case 2: Soccer Betting Taking into account Extra Time

In dramatic football matches, when the strength between the two teams is equal, the decision to win is often based on extra time. This is a challenging and stressful period, lasting only about 15 minutes, but creating unexpected opportunities and challenges.

Betting Form for Extra Time

Bet on whether there will be extra time or not:

You bet from the betting site comparison whether the match will go to extra time or not. If your prediction is correct, you win; otherwise, you will lose.

Extra Time Betting – Same Goal:

Predict not only whether there will be extra time or not, but also the number of goals scored in extra time. Although more difficult, the reward is extremely attractive for the winner.

Bets to Determine the Result of the Match:

Make a prediction on which team will win and how they will win in overtime. Markets include Home Team – Extra Time and Away Team – Extra Time.

Does Soccer Betting Count Injury Time?

Extra time minutes are always counted when participating in soccer betting. Because the outcome of a match can be determined down to the final minutes of extra time. Bookmakers accept these minutes to ensure fairness and transparency in betting.


Thus, the question of extra time and extra time in soccer betting is probably no longer a big headache. Depending on the bookmaker and how they build the odds, you can enjoy the thrill and drama of extra time through special bets. Feel free to experiment and take advantage of this information to experience an exciting betting experience.

In tense and evenly matched football matches, extra time is the decisive stage, when the team must find the winner. Extra time is usually played according to tournament rules, and it offers a new challenge and is shorter in duration than the main period.

Extra Time Betting

Bookmakers also recognize the appeal of extra time, and they offer many bets to give players more options:

Extra Time Betting: Players bet on whether extra time will take place or not. This requires correctly predicting the situation of the match, and if you predict correctly, you will win; otherwise, you lose.

Extra Time Betting – Same Goal: This is a more complicated form of betting, requiring predicting both whether there will be extra time or not and the number of goals scored in extra time. Although difficult, if the prediction is correct, the rewards can be very generous.

Extra Time Result Betting: You need to predict which team will win and how they will win in extra time. There are options such as Home Team – Extra Time and Away Team – Extra Time.

Football Betting and Injury Time

Injury time minutes also count when betting on soccer, as the outcome of a match can change in these final minutes. Bookmakers often clearly determine the extra time and accept bets for this period.

Decisive changes in stoppage time often change the final outcome of the match. Therefore, careful calculations and predictions in the final stages are important.


The question about extra time and extra time when betting on soccer has been answered. Depending on the malaysia top betting sites and how they build the odds, you may have the opportunity to bet on extra time. It's important to understand how each bet type works to optimize your betting experience. Extra time will always be an interesting part and there are separate bets for you to explore.


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