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What are Malaysia odds? Guide to understanding Malay odds

Malaysia odds are also a popular type of bet on football betting sites nowadays. However, they can be quite easily confused with Indo or Hong Kong odds. In this article, Wintips will guide you on how to read these odds accurately and provide some football tips football picks for successful betting.

Introduction to Malaysia odds:

Malay odds refer to a form of betting in football betting specifically, and sports betting in general. Typically, the unit of measurement for Malaysia odds is 1.00, often abbreviated as Malay odds. In Vietnam, alongside Indo and Hong Kong odds, Malaysia odds are also widely used. Bookmakers primarily derive these odds from the Malaysian betting market evaluation. Given that both are in Southeast Asia, getting accustomed to and accessing these odds is relatively easier.

Should you bet on Malaysia odds?

These Malaysian odds frequently appear because they offer several advantages and align well with the selection criteria of Vietnamese players.


The most favored characteristics of Malaysia odds include:

Easy to understand.

Easy to place bets.

Potential for significant winnings.

Almost all bookmakers offer this type of odds.

Major tournaments often utilize Malaysia odds.


Despite their widespread use, these odds may confuse some new players. They involve a slightly contrasting betting method compared to some other odds, especially those with negative odds, like in Indonesia, whereas Malay odds are positive, and vice versa. It can be easy to misunderstand if you're not accustomed to them.

Types of Malaysia odds:

There are various types of bets that you can place using Malay odds, such as:

Handicap betting.

Over/Under betting.

1×2 betting.

Various prop bets.

And more.

This provides us with numerous options to better fit our predictions. It's essential to differentiate Malaysia odds as merely a change in the numbers on the odds board. This reflects its own calculation formula and corresponds to the betting market's perspective.

Guide to viewing Malaysia odds for bettors:

To better understand this type of bet, let's analyze in detail the steps to read and bet using Malay odds.

Step 1: Choose a bookmaker

First, we need to select a reputable platform offering Malaysia odds. This is a crucial and meticulous choice to ensure receiving the highest rewards. Opting for a reputable bookmaker is also a way to play safely and receive the best quality service.

Step 2: Understand the odds

For effective betting with Malay odds, we must understand the betting terminology and symbols specified by the bookmakers for these odds. When accessing the odds board, select Malay odds display. At this point, all the parameters on the odds board will correspond accordingly.

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How to calculate Malaysian odds

Malaysian odds display both positive and negative numbers, and each specific situation will have its own formula for calculating winnings. Specifically:

Calculating winnings for positive Malaysian odds:

Winnings = Bet amount + (Bet amount x Malay odds)

For example, if you see a bet with odds of 0.5 and you bet 100,000 VND, the corresponding winnings would be:

Winnings = 100,000 + (100,000 x 0.5) = 150,000 VND

Calculating winnings for negative Malaysian odds:

Winnings = |(Bet amount x MY odds)| + (Bet amount x 1.00)

Where |xxx| denotes the absolute value, ensuring that the calculated amount is not negative.

Tips for effective Malaysian odds betting

Currently, many experts have truly prospered with these Malaysian odds, and the formula they apply is:

Avoid high negative odds

The advice from experts is that these bets are very easy to lose and involve high risks. Therefore, if the negative odds are too high, it's advisable to choose another option. Typically, such matches often have many surprises and a high probability of odds reversal. In such risky situations, it's safer to go for positive odds.

Stay updated with match updates and relevant information regularly

During matches, running odds always fluctuate, and Malaysian odds are no exception. We need to monitor regularly, especially towards the end of halves, to make better choices and get the best odds. For example, if a team reveals their trump card in the second half, or if weather conditions become more favorable for the opponent, etc. The more information we grasp, the higher our chances of winning.

Choose the best bookmakers

Not only Malaysian odds but also other betting odds offer high rewards, fair payouts, diverse matches, and several criteria for selecting bookmakers. Additionally, you'll receive many benefits and advantages regarding customer service, quick and secure transactions, etc., with reputable gaming platforms.

Common misconceptions when playing Malaysian odds

Playing Malaysian odds requires alertness to achieve good results. Most successful players carefully calculate, have good experience, and avoid the following deadly mistakes:

Following the crowd or others' advice

The herd mentality occurs when everyone rushes into one option, causing the odds to drop significantly. This can lead to significant losses. Going against the crowd is highly encouraged, especially if you have a good analytical method.


With these detailed and understandable football tips app insights, Wintips hopes to help you identify Malaysian odds accurately. This is a popular bet type with high efficiency, so it should not be overlooked. Absolutely avoid being subjective and hasty when placing bets.


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